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Chemical Peel

Reveal a more beautiful you. Chemical peels are safe and effective procedures to rejuvenate the skin and reduce signs of aging.

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What is a Chemical Peel?

By definition, a chemical peel is a process of exfoliating your outermost skin cells – making way for a fresh new surface that’s smoother and brighter. Chemical peels are designed to deliver optimal results and help improve a wide variety of skin concerns such as fine lines, texture, hyperpigmentation & acne.

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We have a full portfolio of peels to address every concern:

Invisapeel (at home): Epidermal Renewal with Invisible Exfoliation
Blend of exfoliating enzymes penetrates the epidermis. Repairs barrier function, and stabilizes and resurfaces the skin.

ZO Retinol Stimulation Peel (at home): Moderate Exfoliation and Texture Improvement
Utilizes powerful 1% retinol to penetrate the epidermis and upper dermis for superficial exfoliation and cell turnover. Strengthens, smooths and tightens skin.

ZO 3-Step Peel (in office): Aggressive Exfoliation and Epidermal Stimulation
Potent exfoliants, 6% retinol and anti-inflammatory agents penetrate the epidermis and upper dermis. Texture repair, pigmentation correction, and anti-aging benefits.

ZO Controlled Depth Peel (A New Version of Dr. Obagi’s Original Creation of the Blue Peel)
Maximum Skin Tightening and Mild Skin Resurfacing
Intense stimulation and renewal is accomplished with ZO’s unique base. TCA can be controlled to penetrate at multiple levels in the dermis. Achieves long-lasting skin restoration.

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Combined Procedures: The best of both worlds, ZO CDP (Chemical peel for tightening) plus CO2 Fractional (laser for leveling). It corrects an array of skin medical problems, scars, wrinkles, loose skin and damaged skin texture, suitable for all skin types.

Procedure Length

15-30 minutes

Normal Recovery

1-5 days of social downtime

Possible Side Effects

Redness, swelling, peeling, sensitivity

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