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Laser Vascular Vein Therapy

They are often referred to as “spider veins” due to their web-like appearance, but undesired blood vessels can take many shapes. These veins can be brought on by weight gain, pregnancy or hormonal changes, trauma, sun damage, aging or simple genetics. Thankfully there is a proven treatment for removing unsightly veins.

The Newvue Approach to

Vascular Vein Therapy

The laser generates a pulse of intense, concentrated light, which is gently applied to the treatment site. This laser energy passes through the skin to the blood vessels you wish to have eliminated, causing selective damage to the lining of the target blood vessel without damaging the surrounding tissues and skin. The duration of the pulses is carefully determined so that laser energy will be absorbed by the blood vessels without transferring excessive heat to the surrounding skin. The body reabsorbs the blood vessels, which have been destroyed, and the flow of blood is directed back down into the deeper vessels, where it belongs.

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Who Can Benefit From Laser Vascular Vein Therapy

Laser vascular vein therapy is safe and proven for men and women of all ages, and while the legs are the most commonly treated area, it can also be used on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, and back.

Pregnant or nursing women should postpone their therapy. In some cases, pregnant women find that some of their spider veins resolve naturally after the child is born.

Note: This treatment is NOT for varicose veins, which are larger and can have additional medical complications associated with them. See your doctor for advice and option on treating varicose veins.


Your Initial Laser Vascular Vein Therapy Consultation

Your doctor and estheticians will discuss laser vascular vein therapy as part of your skin consultation. Our goal will be to understand your desired outcome and provide you with clear expectations around the details of the treatment and the results you can expect.

Your Newvue team will let you know the approximate duration and number of treatments it will take to achieve your goals based on your skin type and the size and location of the treated area. Your aesthetician may advise treating a small test area so that you can better gauge your results before you commit to the full procedure.

They will also advise you of certain conditions that may prevent you from getting laser therapy or prevent it from being optimally effective, such as:

  • Skin disorders such as psoriasis, cystic acne, and dermatitis
  • Candidates taking certain medications such as Retin-A or Accutane
  • Candidates with Pacemakers
  • Metal screws in the treatment area
  • Pregnant women
  • Skin trauma


Safety & Risks of Laser Vascular Vein Therapy

Laser vascular vein therapy is FDA approved for patients of all ages. Side effects are minimal and are generally similar to light sunburn. You may feel minimal swelling, itchiness, redness and slight discomfort. Most will subside in a few hours and be gone within a day.

In rare cases, patients can develop blood clots after the treatment. Those clots can occasionally lead to other medical complications, and in very rare cases, death.


Prior to Your Laser Vascular Vein Procedure

You may want to shave or wax the area you want treated a day in advance of your treatment to minimize any discomfort from razor burn, and you should avoid intense sun exposure or tanning.


Your Laser Vascular Vein Procedure

Your procedure will go fast. A small area can be treated in minutes, and even large areas rarely take more than an hour. You will be seated comfortably in our laser suite. The aesthetician may apply a cold gel to the area that will be treated and provide you with eye protection. The VBeam handpiece will be placed against your skin, and your treatment will begin.

Pain is minimal. You will feel a sensation like a small rubber band being snapped against your skin followed by a gentle, warm sensation.

After Your Laser Vascular Vein Procedure

You may experience some cramping and mils discomfort in the legs or other treated area for the first day or so, as well as mild skin irritation or itching. Be prepared for your skin to look worse before it gets better. The bruising that results from the destruction of the vessels can take up to a month to fully resolve.

During the first stage of your recovery, it will be important to walk regularly and avoid sitting for long periods to prevent blood clots form forming. While this light activity is encouraged, patients should avoid all strenuous activity, including jogging and lifting, for a month.

Procedure Length

20-60 minutes

Normal Recovery

No limitations or restrictions

Possible Side Effects

Swelling, bruising

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