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Fat Injection

The terms fat transfer and fat injection refer to the process of taking fat from one area on your body (for example your stomach or thigh) and injecting it into another area to augment the volume. They have become a popular alternative to the more temporary fillers and have been used to improve the appearance of hollow cheeks and tear troughs, thin lips, aging eyes and foreheads, hands, as well as scars and reconstruction deficits. The appeal of the fat transfer is that the results have the potential to be long lasting (many years if not forever), and there is no host response to any foreign materials because the filler comes from the patient’s own body.

Dr. Min’s Approach to

Fat Transfer

Fat cells are harvested using a small cannula and syringe, usually from the torso or hips, and processed/purified using a variety of techniques. The fat is then redistributed to the problem areas in a small micro droplet fashion.

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Your Initial Fat Injection Consultation

The role of the consultation is to ensure that patients feel informed, confident and excited.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Min or Dr. Levy will ask you about your desired appearance, as well as questions about your general health to determine if he can meet your expectations. They will analyze the areas in question and evaluate the shape, the quality of skin and underlying cartilage or bone structure. After your consultation, photographs will be taken for additional analysis and your medical records. We will walk you through your options, explain the details of the fat injection procedure, and answer any questions you may have. You will have an opportunity to view extensive before and after photos.

Dr. Min or Dr. Levy will share and explain their opinions with you about what is most appropriate for your face and what results you can expect. Together you will decide on the details and timing of your procedure. Finally, Dr. Min or Dr. Levy will make sure you know exactly what will happen on the day of your procedure, what you will experience while you recover, and what you can expect in the months and years to follow.


Safety & Risks of Fat Injection Surgery

Our approach at Newvue is always to put our patient’s safety above all other concerns.  We have invested in state of the art tools, and our on-site surgical suite is one of the first in the region to be fully approved under the stringent new safety standards.

Fat injection is a very common and safe procedure, and it is made safer by the fact that it is the body’s own tissue not a foreign substance that is being injected. Nonetheless, we feel it is important that all our patients fully understand the risk(s) associated with this or any surgical procedure. The most important thing to know is that Dr. Min, Dr. Levy and Newvue will stand by you should any complications arise and do everything we can to help you achieve your desired result. Risks associated with fat injections include: possible reaction to anesthesia, infection, bleeding & hematoma and/or asymmetry. During your initial consultation, Dr. Min or Dr. Levy will address all possible risks and complications with you and make sure that your questions and concerns are answered.


Your Fat Injection Procedure

We will do everything in our power to help you feel informed and relaxed on the day of your procedure. After you arrive, you will meet with Dr. Min or Dr. Levy and with your anesthesiologist. Once any questions you have are answered, you will be given medication to help you relax.

You will be brought into the surgical suite, where you will be prepped for surgery and given a general anesthetic or a local with sedation. The procedure usually takes 1-2 hours.

You’ll want to be sure to arrange for someone to pick you up after your procedure.


After Your Fat Injection Procedure

You’re still our patient after you leave, and we will be there for you as you recover to answer any questions you may have and advise you on any side effects you may be feeling. Patients can generally return home within a matter of hours.

Patients can begin moving around right away and resume light exercise after a few days. Most patients return to work after a day or two, but you should avoid strenuous activity for 3-5 days.

Fat Injection Results

Your results will be visible immediately, and will improve as swelling diminishes (1-2 weeks). Dr. Min, Dr. Levy and the Newvue staff are always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have, during your recovery and after. We want to ensure that you are completely thrilled with your new look, and we’ll consider you our patient for life.

Procedure Length

1-2 hours (generally outpatient)

Normal Recovery

Return to work in 2-3 days, resume light exercise after 2 weeks, swelling resolves completely after 2-3 weeks

Possible Side Effects

Swelling, bruising, mild discomfort

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